Testers needed for badly needed Turbo Pascal DOS shell

       Volunteer tester needed now for program release
in August 1998.    A Turbo Pascal programmer is preferred,
but anyone in this newsgroup will be accepted. :-)

       The "Invisible Typist" is the best way to navigate
DOS on large hard drives.  The most innovative feature is
the ability to re-type a long path minus one directory by
a single keystroke.  This ALPHA copy is worth having even
if the program is not released commercially.
       Up to eight pages of 100 files each are enabled as
some operating systems now have nearly that many files in
one directory.     And the maximum path is 8 directories,
as that is the DOS limit.    Files and directories sorted
by filename or extension with a single keystroke.
       The program will not run all window programs.

Please email to request a test copy.

Ken Fischer    "It may not get you where you want to go today,
                but it can get you there faster".