Generic Way to Trap Error on TTable

Hi All,

We have a very large app with hundreds and hundres of TTable.  Actually a
specialised subclass of TTable that we use for our own purposes.

When an BDE error occurs on any of the table there is no way of knowing
*exactly* which table it occured on.  For example .... 'max record lock
limit exceeded' on Pdox or something .... you only get a simple error
message ... but you don't get told what table etc etc ...

I need a generic way to trap (or find out about) errors on Tables to build
it into out class.  OnPostError only is called when the record is posting
.... doesn't help much when 'cannot perform this operation on an closed
dataset' error occurs as your shutting the app down.

All help appreciated .... we've almost got the app finished now and it's
time to clean up the fiddly stuff.