MySQL, Delphi 4 and MyODBC

Dolf <> skrev i

> I'm writing a Delphi 4 application wich should connect to a linux server
> with MySQL. Everything work fine except that a connot modify data in the
> MySQL DB. I'm able to add and view data. With use of the same MyODBC
> connection i can also change data if i'm using MSAccess. So i think the
> problem should be with delphi en not with the ODBC connection or the MySQL
> server.

> I get the following error message when i try to modify data in Delphi:
> Project mysqltest.exe raised exception class EDBEngineError with message
> 'Capability not supported. General SQL Error. [TCX][MyODBC]Transactions
> not enabled'.

> Thanks in advance

> Dolf

How are You doing the modification?
You must use the SQL-command "uppdate"!