TTable.Createtable and empty string in MS-Access


If I create a database table in MS-Access with a TTable Objekt in Delphi
with the createtable Method (after setting fielddefs) I have the problem,
that all text fields in Access are marked as 'no empty string allowed'. I
can control the 'NULL not allowed' property with the required flag of the
fielddefs properties but the 'no empty string allowed' property is a
different one. Because there is no equivalent property in the fielddefs, I
have no idea, how I could influence this special MS-Access feature. The
amazing is, if I use 'create table' SQL for the task, all text fields are
marked as 'empty string allowed'. But the DDL part of the SQL language varys
from DBMS to DBMS and I want to keep compatibility.

Has anyone an idea, how I could change this default?


                    H. Thiemann, Sowatech