BDE INSTALL WITH Install shield 5 HELP!

Recently I bought Install shield 5 - specifically because Borland stated
that was a product to validate BDE installs.
I needed this version for both 16 and 32 bit machines.

Install shield express works well for a 32 bit install.
But Install shield five Pro has no BDE installing wizards like expresst -
its all manual and takes away Delphi's original purpose in stipulating
using Install Shield.

I've tried like many others to get help from Install Shield on this matter
- despite a huge white paper on thier site.
regading BDE installs with the product.  (come up with an error for me).

I've never paid so much money and never have I been so dissappointed with a
IS5 is very powerfull but it wont easily do what I want that is a 16 and 32
bit install of the BDE.

I have asked for help many times on the IS5 newsgroups and conversed with
many others who have not
succeeded in a BDE install via IS5.

I have not received support when I requested despite my near $1000 outlay
on the product.

Has anyone succeeded in an IS5 BDE install for both 16 and 32 bit MS

BORLAND check out your recommendations to IS5 - they are not living up to
your expectations.

N Hill
Knoll Technical Services Pty Ltd