ReportSmith 2.5 Delphi 4?


I am porting over Delphi 1 code using ReportSmith 2.5 reports to Delphi 4

This is all very new to me and I was wondering if someone could point
me in the right direction.

Can you use ReportSmith 2.5 with Delphi, if so how?  They are looking for a
.DLL file.  If not, is there any good alternatives to ReportSmith 3.0 that
can handle a Paradox 5 database?

Can you compile the code in Delphi 4 into a 16 bit aplication or does it have
to be a 32 bit applicication.   (It might still be used on Win 3.1)

Thank very much for your time.


Could you please send a carbon copy of any replys to this posting to

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