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Missing APDREG.DCU - Huh?


I'm trying to load a new component (I've tried the new DBCLookUp from
WollToWoll and SoftTouch) and all I get is an error complaining that
APDREG.DCU or APDREG.PAS cannot be found in the current search path.

What's going on?




Re:Missing APDREG.DCU - Huh?

You have not got these files in the install directory. Each component you
install require *.pas and *.dcu files (most of the components). If there is
no such file - you will be unable to install it. Try to find it in some
other directories and copy to install or this package is incorrect.
Another way, you try to install incorrect file, maybe there is a help *.txt
file where necessary registery file is written down.
Sorry for English,



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