Sorting a PDox Table that doesn't have a primary key

I would like to sort a Pdox table in Delphi in a similar way to the Sort..
command in Paradox 7.  The table does not have a primary key, that way the
order of the records can be changed in the table as opposed to the
display  only (e.g. how one would see the data in TBGrid). Secondary
indexes change only the display.  With a primary key, the table will stay
in a set order no matter what, based on the key field unless secondary
indexes are made.  If a report is made, will it use the physical order of
the records? or the display order (in which case I can use Secondary
Indexes)?  I would prefer a way to mimic the Paradox Sort... Command in
Delphi as opposed to generating a primary key and using secondary

In other words: change the physical order, not just the display order, w/o
making a key field.

If possible, can anyone e-mail me a solution?

Thank you very much,

Lee Lichtenstein