Lex + Yacc for all Borland Pascal versions, Berend de Boer

Thank you for your contribution. This upload is now available as
 165006 Mar 21 11:59

: Date: 21 Mar 97 09:41:14 EST
: From: Berend de Boer <100120.3...@CompuServe.COM>
: To: "'Garbo upload'" <>
: Subject: TPLY401.ZIP Lex & Yacc for Borland Pascal and Delphi
: File name:  TPLY401.ZIP
: One line description: Lex & Yacc for all Borland Pascal versions
: including Delphi
: Replaces:  TPLYPRG and TPLYSRC
: Suggested Garbo directory: /pc/turbopas
: Uploader name & email: Berend de Boer <>
: Author or company: Berend de Boer
: Email address:
: Surface address: Burgerstraat 17, 5311 CW  Gameren, The Netherlands
: Special requirements:
: Shareware payment required from private users: n/a
: Shareware payment required from corporates: n/a
: Distribution limitations: n/a
: Garbo CD-ROM distribution allowed: Y
: Demo: N
: Nagware: N
: Self-documenting: N
: External documentation included: Y
: Source included: Y
: Size: 200KB
: 10 lines description:
:   This distributions gives you the source for a Borland Pascal
:   (including Delphi) implementation of Lex and Yacc. Documentation and
:   examples are included.
:   You need to compile the tools first so you need to have a Borland
:   Pascal compiler. Batch files are supplied to make this easy.
:   This version significantly enlarges the files that can be processed
:   by Lex and Yacc for DPMI and 32-bit versions.

   All the best, Timo

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