Delphi 1.0 & Serial Ports

Hello ,
TNX for reading my message.
I'm quit new at delphi, only playing whit it a few weeks. I was getting
borred with
visual basic and the lack of speed etc.....
Now I was rewriting a small program I made in vb, with I use to control a
tracking device. Now it needs to communicate via a serial port, this seems
to be
a problem for me, anny sugetions ?
I also need to change the time of the PC to the UTC time, wich is local-1,
and send
it over to the decice. Now reading the time of the PC is no problem, but
to UTC and sending it over doesn't seems to be that easy as I thought.
So anny help would be welcome.
TNX in advance for anny info .....

A new Delphi user :-)