RichEdit print problems

When I print the contents of a TRichEdit control using a non-default DPI
printer setting, my fonts are scaled.


  if PrintDialog1.Execute then
    RichEdit1.Print( 'Registration form' );

When the PrintDialog appears I change the resolution of the printer from
300DPI to 600DPI. All fonts seems to be twice as big as they should be. I am
using Delphi 4 and the standard TRichEdit control with only a few lines of
text, one font name (Courier New) and one line with 16-points bold text and
all other lines are 10-points normal text.

I have read a message earlier about this problem but there fonts got smaller
when increasing the resolution. There was no response posted to that message
but maybe it's the same problem (Problem printing a RichEdit by Tore

Marcel Overweel