Specifying TDatabase Remote Connection at Runtime (mssql)

My application will have to work with a variety of RDBMS, i.e. MSSQL,
Oracle, Sybase, informix. Consequently I need to be able to configure
the connection at run-time.

I have MSSQL running on my local NT 4.0 Server development machine and
on a RAS accessed server. The database is used by another application,
we wish to feed data into it
via the backdoor. I can accomplish this fine on my local copy, but when
I try and connect
to the remote instance, I either get a connection error, or worse
connect to the local
database of the same name.

Users having the same login name exist on both servers and  own their
respective databases. There passwords are different. I can connect via
MS SQL enterprise
manager to both databases and manipulate the objects. I can also connect
DB Explorer. When I attempt to create an alias for the remote database I

Has anybody got a clue what is going on here????

Tom Harden
The obvious is usually not so obvious...