Printing problem (BCC 4.5, Owl 1.0, Windows 2000)

I cannot even get my BC4.5 OWL 1.0 application running... it crashes in OWL31.dll

what compile options do you use?
what are the dates on the borland dlls that you use?
which dlls are required?

can you help me I am completely stuck... and I have a dead line

Michael Gencarelli
516 578-1183
New York, USA

"Bruno Skorepa" <> wrote:

>I have a problem with a program compiled with BC 4.5,
>OWL 1.0 running on some Windows 2000 machines:
>As soon as the "now printing" dialog box appears,
>the program hangs.
>It only does on some machines, maybe 1 out of ten,
>and only if you show a Choose-Pinter dialog box.

>It seems that the Printout::PrintPage function is called
>over and over again.

>Thanks for any hints
>(and sorry that I incidentally pressed the POST-button)