Using DDECLientConv control to create program manager groups/icons

Howdy folks! I need some help.

I use the DdeClientConv control to talk to the program manager to
create some icons (I use this because I am using Delphi 1.0). The
function works all of the time under Windows 3.1, but does not work
all of the time under Windows 95. I do not understand why!

It seems that the first time I run it under Windows 95, it works fine.
Any subsequent time, the window for the group is not shown on the
desktop when I use AddGroup or ShowGroup, and the icons are not placed
into the start bar.

The conversation is created, and I write the macros (AddGroup,
ShowGroup, then AddItem...). All functions return TRUE, which I
interpret as meaning 'OK'.

I use DDESpy for win31 and it says something about 'error: data

Please help!