Delphi 4.02 VCL Bug in menus.pas


I've found a bug in Delphi 4.02 VCL:

When a user trys to handle the Windowmenu
in a MDI application with the keyboard (Alt-W X),
a ListIndex-exception occurs.

The messagebox of this list index error is hidden
behind the main window and only visible after a klick
on the programs taskbar button.

Debugging menus.pas, i've found that in


the amount of menuitems is calcuated with a call
to "GetMenuItemCount" API Function. This function
retrieves more items than available TMenuItems,
because of the additional entrys for accessing the
MDI Childwindows.

When you close all MDI Childwindows, everything is
alright because "GetMenuItemCount" = Menu.Items.Count.

Can anyone verify this on his own application ?
Can anyone tell me, how i can report this bug to Inprise ?

Thanks Stefan
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