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Delphi 1 - BDE config - Openlink ODBC

Can anyone help me?
I have been using intersolv ODBC with D1 for some time.  Recently I got
Openlink's ODBC drivers on test.  Installation on client & server was
easy and the attached C++ test program works a treat (I'm using 16bit
version but on Win95).  My problem is in BDE config.  

I have tried the config everyWhichWay but invariably get an ODBC.DLL
error message: Specified driver could not be loaded.

Once in a while, tho, it does appear to work! What am I doing wrong? What
can I do to fix it?
I am using BDE config version 2.0.

TIA,  Tim Kelly


Re:Delphi 1 - BDE config - Openlink ODBC

Well, shame there was no reply to this - but I figured it out eventually!
I just needed to add the openlink directory to PATH.
Thought I'd post this reply in case anyone else finds it userful.


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