SQL-Links (MS-SQL Server 7.0) bug?


My problem is:
No matter what international settings I choose in Windows Control Panel, nor
the decimal separator I specify in BDE Administrator, the MONEY fields in my
database are allways updated with a erroneous SQL sentence like this:

UPDATE  myTable SET myMoneyField = CONVERT(money,'12000,00')

(I saw this in the SQL 7.0 Profiler)

the problems is the use of a comma "," as decimal separator, because
SQL-Server expects a period ".".  I can change the settings on the server
but for this specific case (the use of CONVERT with a money parameter)
SQL-Server ALLWAYS expects a dot.

SERVER: Windows 2000 Server SP1 Spanish - SQL-Server 7.0 English
STATION: Windows 2000 Pro SP1 Spanish - Delphi 5 Ent & BDE 5.11 English
Connection: using an MSSQL alias created in the BDE Administrator

Please, I need to know how can I control the decimal separator used by the
SQL-Links driver for MS-SQL.  If I use an ADOConnection the problem is gone,
but is not practical for us to convert our system.

We we're previously using Windows 98 Spanish at the stations and NT 4.0
English - MS-SQL Server 6.5 at the server.  Now we're finishing a complete
upgrade of hardware/software to the new configuration (as indicated above).

So we thing this is a configuration / software compatibility problem, but
how can we solve it?

Since a week ago we cannot update any table containing money fields.  If we
change the fields to float, the problem is gone (because the SQL sentence
doesn't contain any CONVERT call).  Any help would be appreciated.

Victor H. Ulloa
Tierra Fertil S.A.