Unable to Edit BDE Configuration Utility Fields

This is in regards to Fergus Vet <our client> where we have a problem.

The Dr.  is getting invalid directory, so we checked the bde and when
he changes it to the correct net dir it doesn't save.   If he changes
the level from 4 to 5 then the net dir would be blanked out.

We edited the registry to confirm the BDE is installed only once and
that the paths to the DLLs are correct.

 The Dr. uninstalled WinVet <our software that uses the BDE>  and
reinstalled it, still same problem,

The Dr and I went through deleteing the idapi32.cfg and recreating it
and still no information could be saved, even when you click on the
[X] to close, you get a msg prompting you to save - this msg does not

We are stumped.  Please help us fix this problem.

Our client is using a new install of Windows XP Pro

Our software has NOT had this problem on other installs of XP.

Lenore Hawco
Support Technician
Exan Software In.

Danielle "Dana" Sherstobitoff
Lead Programmer
Exan WinVet Software Inc.