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Delphi 3 and mailing labels using Word

Hello All,

I'm trying to write an application that will print out a bunch of barcodes
on various kinds of avery labels.  I figured the easy way to do this would
be using OLE automation of Word (this may have been extremely naive of me

Does anyone have any code that does any of this??  For example,  I've been
upable to figure out how to select the different kinds of mail labels (eg
Avery 5260, etc).  Or for that matter, does anybody have any suggestions on
a better way to do this (I know that I could use a report writer (we use
Crystal), but everything is already in memory and it seems like it must be a
better way than going back to the disk and launching Crystal).

Any suggestions/advice or code will be greatly appreciated.


David Saracini


Re:Delphi 3 and mailing labels using Word

Sorry I can not help with the question, but I do have a suggestion.  I use
TurboPower's Systools product which has a couple of bar code components.
Comes with source.


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