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Norm Goertzen used chalk and slate for

>Obviously this is a TSR program that stuffs keystrokes into the keyboard
>buffer.  Everything works, except it always stops after only 16

The standard keyboard buffer is only 32 bytes long with two bytes per
keystroke so that's the maximum you'll get into it. In fact you can only
get 15 keystrokes in as the head pointer and tail pointer being equal is
used as "no keystrokes".

Two methods spring to mind:

1. Hijack the keyboard buffer to make it point to a buffer within the
2. Store the codes in a buffer in the TSR and intercept the calls for
reading the buffer and feed keystrokes from your buffer to the keyboard

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Please do not post binary or mime-encoded material. A simple cut and
paste of the relevant bit of code would have been quite sufficient.

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