Problem with tIdPop3 and ContentType='Message/RFC822'

Please forgive my transgression if this gets posted twice.....

I am trying to save multiple attachments
embedded in an email forwarded to me.

The email consists of two items.

The first item has ContentType='text/plain'
and is the text body of the message. This is
as expected.

The second item has ContentType='Message/RFC822'
It is identified as a TidAttachment.
If I inspect TheMsg.MessageParts.Items[1].body
I can see it is a whole MIME message, with
a header, a body and multiple attachments....

If I use either of two commercial email clients, Pegasus
and our local ISPs web based pop3 client I can
save these attachments, albeit that the two
clients represent the nested MIME message in
different ways.

How can I get Indy to access/decode the
attachments that are embdedded in the 'message/RFC822' ?
The problem being that Indy returns the whole forwarded message...
header,body and attachments as a single attachment body.