Please Please can someone HELP ME with TNMFTP in D4.0

I have tried for quite sometime to track down a solution to my problem.
I use the FTP component in D4 to send a file to a server on the other side
of the BBC.  Because of I assume network overloading the file only partly
gets sent.  At this point I would hope for an error or failure event but
alas it never comes.  The problem being that the file I'm tring to send
still appears to be left open so I can't delete it replace it or even try to
FTP it again.  The only way I can release the file is by shutting down my
application, and I can't even do that by hitting the X top right, I have to
give the app a 3 finger salute to shut it down.
I have tried to use the ftp abort method but alas that doesn't seem to be
doing anything.  It will abort a transfer if you it it while the transfere
is active but in my case the transfer just seems to stop intermittantly and
if you abort at this point nothing happens.

Please Please can someone point me in the right direction, I'm going bald.

robert reid