BDE Character Set


I have encountered a small problem with BDE character sets : an InterBase 6
database, with no specified character set, was created under a French NT4
server, then copied (binarily) to an US NT4 box, the client remain French

When accessing the DB, the accentuated characters are converted to '#', after
a few trials I didn't found any BDE-known character set that could handle
what were the default (US/French) character set ?

From the InterBase doc, it seems that the ISO8859_1 character set would suit
our needs best, but it is not supported in the BDE... or is it ?

The BDE admin help also states that when using "Server" SQLQRYMODE, characters
are handled on the server side, but adjusting the LANG_DRIVER triggers trans-
literation errors from the BDE and accentuated characters are translated...

Is there any recommended/tested european charset combination that exists in BDE
and InterBase ?

Eric Grange