Installation problem with Borland Pascal under OS/2

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>>The following is a posting to OS/2 newsgroups but I include it here
>>incase anyone who uses Borland Pascal under OS/2 can help.

>>I have DOS, Windows 3.1 and OS/2 installed on a Pentium 90 PC. I
>>installed Borland Pascal v.7 so that I have all three compilers,
>>BPW = Borland Pascal for Windows, Turbo = Turbo Pascal and BP =
>>Borland Pascal.

>The problem is that protected mode executables generated by BP7 are
>OS/2 format executables. (BP.EXE itself is an OS/2 format executable).
>It is OS/2 format, but is not a REAL OS/2 program. It has to be
>called from DOS to function properly. That's why you have to first
>call, and should call BP.EXE.

>Path and file name C:\COMMAND.COM
>Parameters: /C C:\BP\BIN\BP.EXE
>Working Directory: C:\BP\BIN

>  Hope this helps.

>P.S: This info can also be found in the README.TXT file, found in \BP

You may also have to set DPMI to ENABLED in the DOS box settings.  
I routinely set this for BP & other Borland generated protected mode programs.
It may not be strictly necessary, but it works, and I'm going under the AINTBROKE
principle right now.  I seem to recall something about needing this for Borland's
protected mode programs - you may want to keep this in mind.

Stephen Ryan
Mathematics graduate student, Dartmouth College