locking while reading datas

Opening a query doesn't place a lock (unless it's an operation that
involves ExecSQL).

Why not post your code, including the code of your query.
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manu wrote in message <6qqa02$ei...@front2.grolier.fr>...
>I'have find a strange bug: when you open a query containing a SELECT,
>record or the page is locked in the table, even if you read datas.
It's a
>problem because another application can't update datas on the same
page or
>record. I've tried to change all the possible properties,  and I'm
now sure
>I don't comes from the database configuration.
>The problem seem to desepear when I add a DBGrid pointing on the
>of the Query.
>Could somebody help me to resolve this problem (my application use
only some
>DBMemo) without adding a DBGrib ?
>Thank you veru much.