ANN: FlexCel Component Suite v2.6.3 release

Flexcel is a powerful and flexible Excel report generating component suite
for Delphi,
C++Builder and Kylix. It supports native Excel file generation for Windows
and Linux
with support for images, merged cells, tables, charts, conditional formats
and almost the
complete Excel feature set in template based Excel files. Through Flexcel
you have also
native capabilities to view Excel files or edit files in BIFF format.

The new version v2.6.3 brings:

- New: Formula support: Now FlexCelImport can read formulas on Text
notation. Also supported writing most common formulas, but this feature is
"experimental" at this time, and not supported. Even so, it works well.
- New: Images: 3 new methods: AddPicture, ClearPicture and DeletePicture on
FlexCelImport allow more control on images using the API.
- New: registered version has support for Delphi 6,7 personal
- Improved: various fixes and code improvements

A fully functional trial download is available now at:

Kind regards,
TMS software team