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Delphi alternative to Tomcat

2007-06-22 05:09:54 PM
For years I devellop client applications where OOP is the foundation.
Bit on the server side on begginng was perl, then php, then asp all lacking
good OOP support.
Then where was ISAPI but it only runs on windows servers.
When came application servers (more containers) like Tomcat that can run
java classes either in windows
or linux.
The server market is growing and we are porting applications from the client
into the server.
I have hundreds of thousands of lines of code written in Delphi, I much
rather work in one single language.
But now I have to work in Delphi for client, and Java for the server.
Unfortually borland for years just saw .net which I think is pretty
pointless outside enterprise software.
And even if one day, codegear devellops a great tool that runs on windows
and linux servers, with all that java as to offer
like unicode, and the existence of open source application servers.
It will be too late :-(((
Alexandre Bento Freire

Re:Delphi alternative to Tomcat

I just put up a post on our Chicago Delphi user group forum that you might
be interested in.
Running .NET on a Java Server:
So you could port your Delphi server app to Delphi.NET and then use this
compiler to run it on Tomcat.
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