Mid-to-expert level developer available

2005-08-26 02:20:18 AM
Over 10 years in the industry, Delphi development since v.1, 1996
Low - level Win32 API
Data access technologies - ODBC, BDE, ADO, DBISAM, Access, SQL Server,
Interbase/FireBird, multi tier frameworks - MIDAS, RemObjects, ASTA
Internet related - FTP, HTTP, POP3/SMTP, plain Win32 sockets API
Unicode - data entry/storage
Reporting - ReportBuilder, FastReports, Crystal Reports
DevEx components - grid, editors, bars, printing, scheduler
DxSock, Indy, Woll2Woll, many other libraries
Working with payment processing systems, like ECHO and others
Windows Media technologies - DRM, Encoder, Player automation
Multi media - MP3 codecs, AAC
Good exposure to p2p architectures
Basic knowledge on .NET
Reasonable rates, complete resume on request.
Looking for long term development partners.
Available for extensive communications with broadband connection,
messengers, VoIP.