Re: ISAPI dll with BDS2006 and .NET problem - ignore!

2006-05-19 04:37:42 PM
Please ignore these questions, I think I have found the problem...
"Gisela" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>skrev i meddelandet

BDS 2006 enterprise with intraweb 8.01(?)
Windows XP Professional
IIS 5.1

Here comes a few VERY basic questions:
I have installed BDS2006 and tried to find any basic documentation aboout
how to create an Intraweb ISAPI application with Delphi .NET, but I have
failed (just found for Delphi 2005).

I tried to create a simple app (with just a label on a form). The stand
alone works (despite the warnings listed below), but not the ASP.NET
assembly (ERROR: The page cannot be dispayed).
Warnings: Borland.Vcl.NetHandler is experimental
Borland.Vcl.Forms is specific to a platform

1. Must I install the updates before it works? If yes, which updates must
install (update1, update2, IW 8.0.21, 8.0.22, 8.0.23) and in what order?

2. I cant't find comInitialization property in Server Controller (=
Apartment state?). Is there some other property you have to change or some
other code you have to write to make it work?

3. Which files should be copied to the virtual directory, xxx.dll and
web.config? Can I test it by writing http://localhost/foldername/xxx.dll?

4. Are there some changes you have to make to the IIS?

5. I wanted to test Guess.dll, but I just found Guess.dll.config and
web.config. Why is there no dll?

6. Could somebody please tell me the basic how-to-do steps or just give me
hint of where to find this information?