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BDE-Problem: How to initialize Appl. for Network access?

I've programmed an Application with Database support under Delphi 1.0. After
that, i tested it using the Client-Server Version of Delphi within a network.
It worked, was able to access tables on network drives and i hopefully installed
the application on a network, this time using the Delphi BDE.

Big surprise - starting the programm it was so rude to finish, without my
allowance(!), doing nothing more than printing out something like:

"Not initialized for network access : Table xxxx.db"

and the obvious Protection Fault.
(Sorry, i'm not sure about the exact message text).

Has anyone an idea how i can run my application without installing the delphi
developer system on every computer? Are there any parameters within the BDE
which i forgot?

tnx in advance, Micha

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Re:BDE-Problem: How to initialize Appl. for Network access?

In article <4qs41t$>,

Quote (Tanel Hiir) wrote:
>And if you are running peer-to-peer net (win95, wfw) then set also Local share

NO! Your sentence (sp?) should read _Always_ set Local Share true!

If you have a database application that acesses local data (i.e. on the C:
drive), you risk loosing data if Local Share isn't true.

Actually you also risk getting data _back_ after a delete, if Local Share
isn't true. If you have made changes to the local tabels, and then close
Windows, without closing the application, you will loose the changes. It
doesn't matter if they are deletions og additions og just changes, they
will be lost.

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