New mirrors -- 4700+ links on Object-Orientation (English/French)

Subject:        Cetus Links -- 4700+ links on Object-Orientation
Newsgroups:     Some comp.* newsgroups related to OO
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are you interested in a collection of more than 4700 links on
Object-Orientation - running on 12 servers in different countries ?

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Whats new?
   o   New mirrors in Switzerland and USA/{*word*269}ia
   o   May 2: hit count exceeds 100,000 since May 96

Available editions:
   o   English
   o   French

Main topics:
   o   General Information and Links about Object-Orientation

   o   Distributed Objects, Business Objects, Object Request Brokers,
       ActiveX/OLE, Corba, JavaBeans/RMI, OpenDoc

   o   OOA/OOD Methods and Tools, Diagram Layout

   o   Languages, Ada, BETA, C++, CLOS, Delphi, Eiffel, Java,
       JavaScript, Modula-3, Oberon, Objective-C, Perl, Python,
       Sather, Self, Simula, Smalltalk, Tcl/Tk, VBScript,
       Visual Basic, Visual C++

   o   Databases, OO DBMS, OR DBMS, OR Mapping
   o   Patterns, Libraries, Frameworks
   o   Metrics, Reuse, Testing, Numerics
   o   Services and Companies

URL of original site:
   o   Germany, Heidelberg

URLs of mirror sites:
   o   Australia, Melbourne

   o   Austria, Vienna

   o   Brazil, RS, Porto Alegre

   o   Canada, Quebec

   o   Japan, Osaka

   o   Singapore

 NEW   Switzerland, Lausanne

   o   UK, Coventry

   o   USA, IL, Chicago

   o   USA, UT, Provo

 NEW   USA, VA, Arlington

URL of French edition:
   o   Canada, Quebec

I hope you will find the Cetus Links useful.

Please feel free to send suggestions, comments, new or changed URLs.