Serial COM / TAPI / Thread question

In article <QsTV4.545$Xc4.16463@zonnet-reader-1>, "Roy Rutten"

<> writes:
>I an application, I use TAPI to transfer data between 2 PC's. The receiving
>PC uses a thread to monitor the COM port's status, so I can act when one or
>more bytes have been received. The problem however is that TAPI sometimes
>disconnects the line for some reason without having te possibilty to detect
>the moment BEFORE this is done.

If you've opened the Comm port overlapped and set a monitoring event with a
WaitForSingleObject, I wonder how  TAPI can close it without your knowledge,
how does it "get under" the overlapped activity of the Comm port monitoring and
close the port ?

Or doesn't it work like that when monitoring with TAPI.

But I don't really know <g>

Alan Lloyd