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Cpp-Builder 5.0 Installation problem

I have installed a C++ Builder Entprise 5.0 in my computer. When I start the
program, I have got a error message:

Database engine erro: bcb.exe-Starting point not found:
"The procedure starting point '@lb@_SSQLDataSetOpen' was not found in the
dynamic link library'VCLIB50.bpl'."

Das program can not be started.

In my computer I have installed Delphi 5.0 Enterprise).

Please help me.



Re:Cpp-Builder 5.0 Installation problem

You will reach a greater audience of people familiar with C++ Builder if you
post your questions in a news group where C++ Builder is the subject.  You
can identify them by the word 'cppbuilder' in the name.  For instance:


.  Ed

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