Case sensitive table names

Hi, I have a table where the table name and the field names are in mixed
case.  The BDE seems to have problems with this.  If the table name and
field names are all in uppercase or lowercase there are no problems.  It the
names are in mixed case then they become case sensitive.  The database used
is MS-SQL Server 6.5.
If the table name is Test with fields TestID, TestName then the query
select testid, testname from test
will not work.  It will give an error 'SQL Object not found'.
If the table name is TEST with fields testid, testname then the query will

By the way, both queries will work if run from ISQL.

Is there a BDE setting or anything else that can be changed to fix this?
Right now the only choice I have is to rename all tables and field names to
make them all uppercase or all lowercase.

Any help will be appreciated.