Wanted: sourcecode for an editor (BP7, OO)

Hi Pascallers!

At this moment I really ran into a big problem.
I wanted to make an object oriented editor in Borland Pascal 7.0 for
WIndows. The problem is: each time a file is read, i cannot use a
fixed-pitch-font, so my lines are not going nice under each other.
Does anyone know how to solve this?

So i want at startup only a menu (NO child window already opened)
Then you choose 'font' from a menu to choose a font.
Then you choose 'open' from the menu and a file is read into
a childwindow in the font you choosed first.

Please help me out.
Please send your answer via e-mail, since i do not often read this

Thanks in advance,


Maiko (ma...@dds.nl)