I'm having trouble with easy problems...

  Ok,  here are a couple of seemingly easy questions that I am having
a hell of a time figuring out...  (e-mail me if possible, o.k. if
1)      How do you send a print job to a specific server and queue?
For example,  I want to print to
Server:  Sales
Queue:  NJOffice

2)      How would you go about having a main form with an open
database that spawns a thread which utilizes a TQuery object within
that thread?  For example:  I have fMain which has a Timer that waits
for 3 minutes and then checks the contents of a SQL statement through
the Tquery object,  problem is that it must spawn a thread and execute
the SQL statement there.

3)      My program is to be run in a Windows NT environment.  It will
have to run a DOS program to manipulate some data.  That DOS program
takes two files and returns one file that contains the modified data.
How do I go about running this program?  I cannot rewrite the DOS
program if that is the answer.  Worst still...  can I run it without
the neccessity of a form?

4)      I created a thread that is run from the main form and utilizes
some of the information from the main form.  This thread then creates
some other forms which will also need variables from the main form.
Should I just pass the variable names and data to the thread and have
the thread-created forms list only the thread in the uses clause or is
it safe enough to have the main form in the thread-created forms uses

     Thanks for anyone who had the patience to read through all that
and a special thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer