Using 16-bit DLLs in D 2

Sunday May 19 1996 21:55, wrote:

 hc> I have a program that requires the use of a
 hc> 3rd Party 16-bit DLL.

This is difficult and not documented in Delphi itself. Even Microsoft has very
few documentation on how to do this successfully.

Depending on your platform there are a few choices:

 - Win95 only: perform thunking

 - Win95 and WinNT: use DDE, OLE automation, or rewrite DLL into 16-bits

Thunking is somewhat documented in the MSDN knowledgebase. It is hard to
implement and even harder to debug.

Probably it is easier to set up a conversation using DDE client/server
technology or OLE automation/controller technology.

If the DLL is small, you might consider rewriting it into a 32-bit DLL.