printing error under windows NT

I developed this program using Borland 4.5.  It works fine under Windows 98
and 2000.  When I bring it over to Windows NT 4.0, and try to print using my
customize print menu, it gives me this popup window saying "an error occur
during this operation".  When I use the de{*word*81} to trace it, seem like the
TPrintDialog constructor came back with CDERR_INITIALIZATION.  Here is part
of my code:

GKPrintDialog::GKPrintDialog (TWindow *parent,
      TPrintDialog::TData &data_in, AuxData *aux_data_in) :
TPrintDialog(parent, data_in,  (LPSTR)"DlgItemPrint")
     data = &data_in;
     if ( !(data->Flags & PD_PRINTSETUP) )
          aux_data = aux_data_in;
          aux_data->range_items = false;
          range_items = new TRadioButton (this, IDC_RANGE_ITEMS);
          start_item = new TEdit (this, IDC_START_ITEM);
          end_item = new TEdit (this, IDC_END_ITEM);


    The error came up after stepping through the last bracket, can someone
help me on this?