Blob field in a table: cant access table

Hello everyone,

Indeed, blob fields seems to cause me a few problems. Whenever I try to
access a table that has blob field defined in it, none of the vdbt tools
works. Following is the code I use:

// Update a record. Data points to a buffer containing the data to be saved.
Value is a search key
int BinryObjecTblClass::UpdateRecord(BinryObjData *data,void *value)

   long *val2;


   catch (BDTException e)
    e.Show( "Folowing Open in Projc Tbl constructor" );

   TVarRecs values;
   val2 = (long *)value;

 if(FindKey(values) == false) return 0;
 Edit( );

        // The structure of the table is :
        // OBJEC_NUM number
        // OBJEC_TYPE varchar2(32),
        // OBJEC_NAME varchar2(32),
        //  OBJEC blob;

        FieldByName( "OBJEC_NUM" )->AsInteger = data->OBJEC_NUM;  // num
        FieldByName( "OBJEC_TYPE" )->AsString = string(data->OBJEC_TYPE);
        FieldByName( "OBJEC_NAME" )->AsString = string(data->OBJEC_NAME);
        FieldByName( "OBJEC" )->SetData(data->OBJEC);

  // Fill in other fields here
      Post( );

 catch(EDatabaseError e)
                     e.Show( "Error");

   return 1;


If you think you can help detecting an error in the code of have and opinion
on the subject it is very welcome. Best regards to the computing community.

Andre Bombardier
GeoSurv Inc.
Ottawa, Canada