DCOM Problem 'Class not registered'


i have a problem with an Excel Automation (both Client and Server on
Win2000, Excel 97 SR1 installed on both machines). When i run the
application on the server machine using ckRunningOrNew, everything
works fine, but when i run the application on the client machine using
ckRemote i get the message 'Class not registered' (EOleSysError)
(attempting the connect-method of TExcelApplication), although i
registered Excel (which is also installed on the client machine) on
the client machine using 'Excel /regserver'.

I tried also several things in the DCOMCNFG (usually resulting in a
'access denied' message except one configuration which gave no 'access
denied' message but still this aforementioned 'Class not registered'

Are there other registrations to be done except the 'Excel /regserver'
(I know there are Type Libraries - which are of type .olb, but these i
cant register them directly with regsrv32.exe which can only register
.exe or .dll).

any help appreciated