Multiple user logtime administration.


In the house where I live we have created a win95 network and now we
want to use internet via that network.
But the problem is creating a fair billing system so that each user
pays only for the time he has made use of the telephoneline dedicated
to this internet connection.

So my questions are:
- Is it possible to write some tool/component that automatically keeps
track of individual logtimes of the different users?
- If so how do I go about creating it?.
- Is such a tool/component already available?
- Does it make a difference to windows and this tool whether  the
connection is made by ISDN or conventional modem?
- Maybe we want to upgrade to windows NT, does that have a major
impact on the tool?

Thanks for any insights and help on this.

P.S., since I'm using Delphi only for some months now I prefer to
create some tool myself, 'cos it seems a great "learning" project to
me. So any help in that direction would be most appreciated!

Greetings Hans (using: Delphi 1.0 Developer, I bought 2.0  but it
hasn't arrived yet!)

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