BDE access seems to cause BSOD

We are getting a consistent crash whenever one of our computers tries to
start Timeslips, a time-tracking-and-billing application that uses Paradox
tables and the BDE.

We have a peer-to-peer network with 8 licenses (but only 4 users) of
Timeslips, using version 10.0 SR1. All computers have had their BDE updated
to 5.1.1. Most of the computers, including the network host for Timeslips,
run Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP6a. They, and a Windows 2000 Professional
SP2 workstation, have no trouble using Timeslips. The trouble is on a
Windows 98 computer, an IBM Thinkpad i1400.

Every time the Thinkpad tries to open a Timeslips database, it crashes with
the following blue screen message: Windows exception 0E has occurred at
0028:0101923F in VxD ---. This was called from 0028:C001C0D4 in VxD NDIS(01)
+ 00004620. (One time, while testing with some software uninstalled, the
memory addresses were both shifted downward by 0x114 bytes, but all crashes
before and since have had this exact message.)

I reinstalled Windows 98 on this computer. I uninstalled and reinstalled
Timeslips (from the network host's Loclinst folder). I downloaded and
installed a new driver for the Thinkpad's network card (Linksys PCM200).
Still I get exactly the same error message, which always requires a reboot.

The same problem happens when I move the Thinkpad to a different location in
the office, so it is not the network cable. Other networking operations seem
to work fine on the Thinkpad. I can't even create a blank database when
Timeslips starts on the Thinkpad, not even on the local C: drive. It
appeared that three tables were created, and then I got the same BSOD with
the same error message. One peculiarity was that I noticed after the crash
that had been created in the J:\Program Files\Timeslips folder
rather than the J:\ folder, where the BDE on each machine specifies the Net
File should be.

I tried starting Timeslips when the Thinkpad was not connected to the
network, but it told me it could not find the .cfg file that was created
when Timeslips was installed, so Timeslips could not open. It never got as
far as trying to access the database, so it did not crash.

The Thinkpad's user says Timeslips used to work, but she thinks it started
having problems around the time I upgraded its BDE from 5.04 to 5.1.1 a few
months ago. I doubt the BDE itself is the problem because the NTWS and
2000Pro workstations are running fine with 5.1.1.

Do you have any ideas? For starters, do you know what VxD --- indicates? I'm
a Paradox/Delphi application developer, but I'm about out of my own
troubleshooting ideas.