SOS Help! Info-Author v2.4 Ships


Lamaura Development (a division of Business Online) announces the immediate
release of SOS Help! Info-Author v2.40, it's award winning help authoring

Aimed specifically at developers, it comes with 16 and 32 bit DLLs to link
into your application during development so that SHIA is called rather than

Try the FREE DEMO today (see below).


As a special introductory offer when you buy one copy of SOS Help!
Info-Author you can buy a second copy or more, all for half price. This
allow 2 or more people to work on Projects at the same time (though not the
same project at the same time).

Already own another help authoring tool? Then you qualify for a *50%*
reduction off the retail price!


SOS Help! Info-Author is a full WYSIWYG Help Authoring Tool that lets you
build Windows Help file in just a few minutes. Because it is a WYSIWYG
you do not require any other applications (such as Microsoft Word). You
build your help topics exactly as they are displayed by Winhelp. All you
have to do is enter your text and link the topics together in the full
WYSIWYG environment. Easy, simple and quick.

Short Features List
- Complete WYSIWYG Help Authoring Tool with many extras included...
- *New WYSIWYG table Support
- *New Picture Gallery for commonly used images
- *New Table of Contents .DLL to display TOC's in Win 3.11 (like Win95/NT)
- *New Auto-generate Table of Contents .CNT file
- *New Auto-generate Table of Contents Topic
- *New Quick Generate of selected topics
- *New Quick Print of selected Topics
- *New Quick Add to Keywords
- *New Auto Topic Identifier
- *New Project Backup and Restore
- *New Style Sheet Backup and Restore
- *New Enhanced Button Pad Operation - a button bar on a right mouse click
- *New Insert Predefined Fields (e.g. Time and Date of Last Modified)
- *New Bookmarks for creating Mid-Topic Jumps in seconds
- *Multi Topic Find and Replace for extended characters
- Winhelp 3.1 and Winhelp 4.0 Help compilers supplied and fully supported
- Help Tracker for Multi-Author projects
- Full HTML Import and Export of Help Files
- Intelligent Multi Topic Find and Replace
- Intelligent Keywords Editor
- Many, many Usability Enhancements

For more information please see information page on our Web Site at:


A full working demo version is available - it is time limited to 30 days
but there are no restrictions on the number of projects or topics that you
can create.

Please note that the Microsoft Help Compilers must be downloaded separately
due to license restrictions imposed by Microsoft. However there is a link
them available from our web site.

The full working Free Demo (2.6Mb) and Compiler links are located at:


You can order SHIA and upgrades from our Secure web server at:

If your browser does not support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), you can still
order over from the standard web page or by printing the form and faxing it
to us.