Help : Unable to display Watcom Blob Field in TDBImage

Hi all,

I have an application that needs to display a bitmap blob field from a
Watcom SQL 4.0 table into a TDBImage. Under Delphi 1.0 this was not a
problem using TDBImage.

However, since I upgraded to 2.0 Developer, I am unable to display the
bitmap as I keep getting a "Bitmap Image is not valid" error when
TDBImage tries to display the picture.

I upgraded the database to Watcom 5.0 (SQL Anywhere) to no avail.

I even tried to use a TImage field, read the field as a blob field and
tried assigning it to the image component, but I get the same error
message. For some reason it thinks that it is an invalid format.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,