Conversion of <CR><LF> to <LF><LF>


I am using a tquery to do an update to a memo field in an oracle 8.0
table using the following statement

      'UPDATE <table> SET <field>=<text> WHERE <condition>'

Usual stuff in other words. The problem is that <CR><LF> pairs in the
text get converted to <LF><LF>, which then causes me all sorts of
other ptroblems.
This issue has come up on the boards a number of other times, but
there seems to be no definitive answer.

Is it a BDE configuration issue? I'm not wildly knowledgable on the
subject, but I think I'm using the BDEs native oracle driver - the
alias parameters in BDE config say the type is ORACLE and the
langdriver is Oracle SQL WE850.

The Langdriver for the native ORACLE driver is set to Ansi Ascii. The
Langdriver for the MS ODBC Oracle driver is blank.

anyone got any clues?

Thanks in advance