A long filename support unit for TP6+/TPW1.5, E.Doron

Thank you for your contribution. This upload is now available as
 11528 Mar 4 23:11{*word*77}j/

I have made an exception and accepted this submission even if it
only contains the unit (but fortunately in a source format).

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The Garbo's Valued Uploaders,

As you probably know we are particularly interested in Turbo Pascal
related submissions. One category of these submissions are the
various authors' TPU units.

If you make such a submission to Garbo, please include a TEST.PAS or
a similar program that demonstrates the usage of your unit. I do not
require revealing your source code, but I do require a source code
test file before I consider a TPU unit submission. This is both for
user-friendliness and for easier to be able to verify that your unit
compiles and works.
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; Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 23:28:37 +0000
; From:
; To:
; Subject: NATLFN.ZIP DOS7/Win95 LFN unit using TP FILE/TEXT variables uplo
; File name: NATLFN.ZIP
; One line description: DOS7/Win95 LFN unit using TP FILE/TEXT variables
; Replaces:
; Suggested Garbo directory: /pc/turbopas
; Uploader name & email: Eyal Doron,
; Author or company: Eyal Doron
; Email address:
; Surface address:
; Special requirements: Win95+, TP 6+ or TPW 1.5
; Shareware payment required from private users: No
; Shareware payment required from corporates: No
; Distribution limitations: None
; Garbo CD-ROM distribution allowed without preconditions: Yes
; Demo: No
; Nagware: No
; Self-documenting: Yes
; External documentation included: No
; Source included: Yes
; Size: 44736 uncompressed, 11460 compressed
; 10 lines description:
; This is a unit to support long filenames in Win95 and WinNT, for use
; in ordinary 16-bit programs in Turbo Pascal 6.0+ and Turbo Pascal for
; Windows 1.5. The unit makes use of ordinary FILE/TEXT variables, and
; the usual TP I/O routines can either be used as/is or replaced by
; the unit's (almost) drop-in replacements. If used on a non-LFN system,
; NATLFN routines transparently switch to the old FAT16 format with no
; user or programmer intervention.
; Regards,
;    Eyal Doron

   All the best, Timo

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