Case-sensitive column names with MS SQL 7.0

I have a problem using MS SQL Server 7.0 with Delphi 3.0 and BDE 5.01.

If I use ODBC MS SQL driver than SQL queries work fine, but the cached
update queries are deadlocked.
So I would like to use native SQL server connection to avoid this
problem. But in this case the column names are case-sensitive:
If I open the query "select * from employee where empid=1", I get error
"Could not find object".
If I open the query "select * from employee where EMPID=1" than it
The error only occurs when the requestlive property is true.
I created the tables with Delphi Data Migration Wizard from MS Access.

So my question is: How can I set MS SQL Server or Delphi not to use
case-sensitive column names?

Thanks for answers!