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DELPHI:Installing Components.


I tried to install a freeware component the other day, but when compiling
the library i got an error message telling me:

"Error: There is already a class called 'TWhatEver'"

The only option was a OK button.

Well, after pressing that OK button I didn't have *any* components left on
my toolbar. I don't remember reading anyting about this in the manuals!
Fortunally I had a backup of my library, so no harm done.
The source code for the offending component was also availeble so I could
just change the class name, and all worked OK.

But, this can be a problem if You don't have the component source code, so
it's probably a good idea to name Your class to someting that isn't likely
to be duplicated.

All the best, Goran

Goran Liljestrom
ax25  : OH6...@OH6RBG.FIN.EU


Re:DELPHI:Installing Components.

I have a more fundamental problem: I just finished installing Delphi
and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my Component Palate!
I can't use the Install Components, because all the dialog boxes are blank.
Every time I try to compile some program, it gives me GPF and hangs.
Then half the time, I have to exit Windows, and do a CHKDSK then get back in.
THis is getting *very* old.

Does ANYONE know why my components didn't install? Because of this I can't
even use the damn interactive tutorial!

Where is the code for the components supposed to be located?

(I wish I even had a TWhatEver to "already have"!)

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