PreAnnounce: >>>RimFIRE!>>> automated table-structure synchronization tool

Sundial Services pre-announces the availability of >>>RimFIRE!>>>?, an
automated Paradox table-structure synchronization tool expected to be
available in December 1996.

This announcement should be of interest both to Paradox and to Delphi


What >>>RimFIRE!>>> does is simple.  At your development site, you point the
tool at the existing Paradox/BDE database-structure your application uses, and
it constructs a script that will automatically create or restructure the
tables at any customer-site to *exactly* duplicate that structure.  Right down
to the passwords, referential-integrity, and indexes.  No user intervention is

No more "secondary index not found" messages.  No more "fields are not
identical" messages.  No more bootleg copies of Paradox or DBD!

No more trips out to customer-sites just to do an install!  No more cumbersome
procedures if you have to (heaven forbid) back out a new version of a Delphi
app and restore the database to how it used to be.  (Which was ... how?  Do
you remember exactly?)

Yes, some installers have a certain amount of Paradox table functionality, but

>>>RimFIRE!>>> has much, much more.  Furthermore, the runtime portion of the

product is packaged as a set of DLLs that can be called from an installer and
which are licensed royalty-free.


>>>RimFIRE!>>> is based on the same programmable technology used in the

company's very successful ChimneySweep? table-repair-and-maintenance tool,
with several significant improvements.  (Detailed description on the web-page
below.)  The program works by building and executing scripts written in a
p-compiled language similar to ObjectPAL.?

This unique approach gives the developer complete flexibility to understand
precisely what >>>RimFIRE!>>> is going to do, and to control it.  Passwords
embedded in scripts are encrypted to prevent disclosure, and scripts can be
"delivered" to an object-code-only form.  

As before, the product uses only Borland Database Engine (BDE) published
interfaces to do all of its work.  BDE is included; no other software is


A single network-downloadable package will include both the 16 and 32 bit
versions of the product, identical and compatible in every way (that makes
sense), for a single price.  

Purchase is by credit-card, through RegEx? or Albert's Ambry?, or check only.  
Pricing is not yet announced, but is expected to be commensurate with our
other products.  Existing ChimneySweep and/or ReportRabbit? customers will
receive significant(!) discounts.


If you're interested, please e-mail us direct.  Give us ideas.  Tell us what
you need and you'll probably see them in the first release.  There's still
time... and that's what Internet enables you to do.  

We are hungry for feedback, and for precise indications or expressions of
interest... it's much better than shooting in the dark.  Those of you who
respond will receive detailed info (only if you want it) by e-mail only; as
well as advance purchase incentives and other reasons to make it worth your

Please don't respond to the newsgroup.  This is the -only- time this
announcement message will appear.  Information may be updated from time to
time at our web site:

I also cordially request that you abstain from flaming.  I am sensitive to the
etiquettes of the newsgroups and sincerely wish to inform without offending.

-Mike Robinson
 Sundial Services, Scottsdale AZ USA
 (602) 946-8259; fax 874-2068

?1996 Sundial Services.  ">>>RimFIRE!>>>", "ChimneySweep" and "ReportRabbit"
are trademarks of Sundial.  All other trademarks are acknowledged.