create/use a foxpro database using database desktop supplied with Delphi 5 Pro


I am a Clipper Programmer that has recently started using  Delphi 5 Pro.  I
have written a few standalone database programs using Paradox Databases,
these work fine.

I now want to be able to use Foxpro databases (that i am using with a
Clipper 5.2e, Comix 3.0 Dos Program) with a Delphi 5 application.

I have ran the BDE Administrator and under the configuration tab there is
Foxpro defined as
         VERSION              4.0
         TYPE                     FILE
         LANGDRIVER      dBASE ENG CP437
         LEVEL                   25

    Under  Database Tab    Foxpro alias is defined as
          TYPE                          STANDARD
          ENABLE BCD           FALSE
          PATH                         "path to database files"

Every time i use Database desktop to create a foxpro database and save it
using the foxpro alias
I get 2 error messages 1) saying the alias is not a Foxpro alias
                                   2) saying bad file name

I am guessing that the LANGUAGE DRIVER    dBASE  ENG 437 is the problem.
If  this is correct    Do i have to buy Foxpro for windows  or
                      or   Can  I download Foxpro language drivers from
                      or   ????

Any  suggestions will be greatly appreciated.